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Retirement on Your Own Terms

Castle Wealth Strategies can empower you to “Live the Life You Desire" during retirement.  Our clients are retirement minded and financially savvy individuals, business owners and couples who are prepared to explore financial options and make sound, impactful decisions.  Our enlightening discovery approach can guide you towards your unique vision of retirement. Castle Wealth Strategies can help you discover, implement and monitor sound retirement strategies that are matched to your personal objectives.

Castle Wealth Strategies can help you “Live the Life You Desire” in retirement by helping you identify and implement one or more COORDINATED RETIREMENT STRATEGIES (CRS).  The first and most fundamental CRS is the PERMISSION CAPITAL RESERVE (PCR), and this simple, common-sense strategy can benefit the entire retirement community…



“Live the Life You Desire" during retirement because…

  1. The PCR gives you a stable reserve for current cash needs, steady income, planned capital expenditures and unforeseen circumstances.
  2. The PCR gives you the “Peace of Mind” knowing that your next 3 to 5 years of income is already provided.
  3. The PCR gives you the “Permission” to position your capital assets to perform best relative to future, unpredictable, market conditions.

Castle Wealth Strategies offers several Coordinated Retirement Strategies with specific, powerful objectives in mind.  Here is a partial list… 



“Implement COORDINATED RETIREMENT STRATEGIES with your personal retirement goals in mind…” 

  1. Permission Capital Reserve (PCR)
  2. Tax Advantaged (or Tax-Free) Income
  3. Guaranteed Income for Life
  4. Guaranteed Principle Growth
  5. Investing with Purpose using a Third Party Asset Manager (TAM)
  6. Aging with Dignity (Planning for LTC)
  7. Leaving a Legacy

Castle Wealth Strategies can also help you understand how you investment capital is expected to perform and provide for your security in retirement, current income and growth for the future.  The performance qualities of your capital assets may fulfill one or more of the specific RETIREMENT INCOME OBJECTIVES (RIO)… 



“Understand how your capital assets are expected to perform within your Retirement Economy…” 

  1. Short Term – Stable Capital Reserve with very low volatility.
  2. Capital Preservation – Preserve capital over a market cycle with some current income.
  3. Income – Preserve capital over a market cycle with steady, predictable income.
  4. Income with Growth – Current Income with some capital appreciation over a market cycle.
  5. Growth with Income – Capital appreciation over a market cycle with some current income.
  6. Growth – Capital appreciation over a market cycle without regard for current income. 

RETIREMENT ASSET PROGRAMS (RAP) are Investment and Insurance programs that serve as tools to fulfill one or more of your specific “RETIREMENT INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES (RIO)”… 



“Our Independence lets you choose from the best Financial Instruments available to implement your CRS and achieve you RIO…” 

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Investment Advisory Programs
  3. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  4. Tax Deferred & Immediate Annuities
  5. Variable Annuities (with our without Guaranteed Income Riders)
  6. High Cash Value Life Insurance
  7. Long Term Care Insurance

Castle Wealth Strategies helps you identify and select the appropriate “CRS” that fulfills your “RIO” to properly select the best “RAP” to help you “Live the Life” you dream of in Retirement. 

And what’s best is that Castle Wealth Strategies is independent and is not owned or controlled by a large, impersonal financial institution.  Our professionals are here to meet with you in person as often as you would like.

Live the Life You Desire, Call Castle Wealth Strategies to Retire!