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At Castle Wealth Strategies, we have found that a collaborative approach, effectively and efficiently, empowers our clients to make educated and informed choices.  These decisions, with our organization at your side, can help guide you toward financial independence and help you “Live the Life You Desire” in retirement.

Castle Wealth Strategies invites you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe they will reveal a variety of strategies and options that can be tailored together to meet your specific goals. There is no one solution or product that fits everyone. That is why it’s important that you know that  Castle Wealth Strategies will be at your side helping you navigate through the financial ‘noise’ that is often confusing and for some, paralyzing.

Our collaborative approach helps you decide upon and “own” those strategies that best address your financial goals and objectives, and most importantly, keep you on track. We work together to help you “Live the Life You Desire” in retirement.

Live the Life You Desire, Call Castle Wealth Strategies to Retire!


Joe Hatzfeld, CFP®, CLTC


(631) 393-6304 x101

(631) 759-3818

Joe Hatzfeld, CFP®, CLTC has worked extensively in the financial services industry since May of 1990 to help each client engineer maximum wealth and financial security within their personal economy.

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